Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vegetarian Tastes of Toronto

The recipe book pictured above is pretty self-explanatory -- it's a collection of recipes put together by the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  It was published in 1996 and contains my favorite pate recipe of all time which I've written about previously and you can find all that here.  Anyhow the point of today's post is to ask if anyone out there knows of anyone who might have a copy they're willing to part with.  A reader is looking to replace his copy which was lent out and never returned. I have to agree - overall it's an awesome collection of great vegan recipes.

I'm glad he asked me about it because I had it tucked away in a box and had to hunt a little as I have quite a few corners in my house with boxes - which I should label but unfortunately I'm not always super organized. I'm getting better.  The last few boxes I put away I did put big bold labels on them so I know exactly what's in them.  I know -- if you have stuff in boxes do you really need it??  Most likely not that bad but for now I'm not willing to part with some things.  Don't get me wrong - I do let go of stuff -- in fact I hit up Goodwill yesterday and dropped off two bags of stuff so I'm not an all out hoarder or anything!

And did I come back with a little bit of stuff?  I sure did!  But I restrained myself - I was happily filling my cart but sat down - took a deep breath and after some deliberation returned several items. I came home with 3 beautiful balls of  yarn (which will be used to make my beloved African Comfort Dolls which are donated to Icross Canada) and a book for my daughter Nicole - 7000 most loved quotations. She loves quotations...there's hardly a day that goes by that she doesn't put one out there so you can see it was a very necessary item and will be well used.  I also bought a box of  sparkly beads which will  be used on some future comfort dolls and that was it. If you ever have a few spare dollars to donate I would really recommend keeping Icross in mind - they help the poorest of the poor and it's 100% volunteer run.

Below are two sample pages from the cookbook.  I've always wanted to make the quiche one but never have yet!  I love red lentils and it sounds delish!  It would make a great Valentine's Day recipe - made with red colored lentils and good for the heart.

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