Sunday, January 23, 2011

3-Minute Veggie Meal

That's right -- it's a frozen box of veggies!  There's something to be said for having some easy items on hand in the freezer or on the shelf that are healthy and quick.  This one was tested and approved by daughter Nicole.  Only 60 calories per serving (about 125 for the entire box). Contains yummy sugar snap peas, roasted potatoes and red bell potatoes.  She paired this with ready to serve rice (pictured below)! Both were surprisingly tasty for fast food.  With respect to the rice you have a choice of regular white, brown or basmati. The two items together would make a quick take-along meal at the office and/or for those with limited time to devote to food prep. The rice would also work well as an "emergency food" box item.

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