Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fantsy Meatballs and Healthy Veggie Wraps!

Well I've still not been doing any new and exciting dishes that I would want to blog about but my daughter, Rachel was inspired to try a few new veggie recipes this week. The fansty meatbealls above (recipe here  (make sure to scroll down to see the fansty meatball recipe as the very first recipe is "mock meatballs" and the second one is the "fantsy meatballs" pictured above) - from Jean Pare's Meatless Cookbook) was a big hit and eagerly devoured by her hard-working husband!

She also made the sunflower pate (previously featured on my blog here) and she used it and some freshly made hummus to make the delicious wraps featured below! She loved her hummus so much she re-named it yummus which pretty well sums up how I feel about anything made with chickpeas!   I think there are never enough food pics out there so I'm including the rest of her food pics for your viewing pleasure!

I'm definitely inspired by all these lovely photos and am starting to feel motivated to try something new too!  Just been reworking all the old recipes -- not that's a bad thing -- all of them are delicious and healthy but I do love to keep seeing new variations of veggie dishes.  My first challenge might be to try and veganize the fansty meatball recipe -- and since I just picked up some cheddar Daiya from Earth's General Store I'm looking forward to giving it a try in the near future. In the meantime, if you're not following a pure vegan diet,  than the above recipe will delight you as it is an excellent combination of ingredients that work  really well in producing a sturdy, tasty veggie meatball.

p.s. -- Earth's General Store carries the the same organic eggs as Planet Organic but he manages to offer them for $2.00 less per dozen so go there and pick up that and whatever else you might need to get cooking!