Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vita-Mix versus the Magic Bullet!

I bought a magic bullet last year after having been swept off my feet by the smooth talking pushers on the infomercial channel. They are good aren't they? My god I wanted one, and I wanted it NOW! It was 3 a.m. in the morning but thank god for phone lines and visa cards because in less than 90 seconds I was hooked up and was promised it would be on it's way pronto! True to their word my little box of magic arrived within 4 days and I was so excited. We started whirling everything from parsley to bananas!

Unfortunately my love affair was short-lived as I realized it wasn't quite as fast as on the commercial nor was it particularly wonderful at crushing ice! I put it away and ordered a Vita-Mix! The Vita-Mix is awesome and it does crush ice and oh, btw, it also eats the tamper that it comes with! Yikes -- apparently I'm a little too forceful for my own good and I shoved the tamper down with all my might and omg it ate it! Literally -- what a mess! I can't believe it didn't twist the blender blades -- for that I am grateful! I thought for sure I had demolished a $600 blender with my extra strong biceps! The tamper is that little black "star wars" looking weapon laying in front of the blender! I've been scared to use it since then and I now turn off the blender, push the stuff down and turn it back on! I'm scarred for life! Anyhow we ordered another and I learned my lesson to be a little more gentle in the kitchen.

And with this lesson I realized that perhaps I had been too hasty in relegating my magic bullet to the back of the cupboard! I dusted it off and put it on the counter beside the vita-mix! I'm back in love again (I'm fickle) and realized that yes the Vita-Mix is the monster of all blenders and perhaps the magic bullet is a little pipsqueak but you don't always need a bulldozer to do the job! In fact the magic bullet is perfect for lots of little jobs that you don't want to dirty the big blender for nor does it do as good a job when it comes to small amounts! In fact when doing small amounts the Vita-Mix just doesn't cut it! The magic bullet is perfect for baby food -- it comes with a super cute little size container that is just the right amount for a toddler meal. The cups are perfect for whirling your flax (egg-substitute) mixture, grinding sunflower seeds for pate and bread into crumbs!

The Vita-Mix is super awesome for my peanut butter banana smoothies, green smoothies and vega-shakes! There is not a blender out there that can touch the Vita-Mix when it comes to making smoothies taste well --- smmmmmmmmooooooooth!! So lucky for me I'm happy to have re-connected with my magic bullet and I'm also thrilled that I have a Vita-Mix! There is room for two loves in your life when it comes to blenders -- the mini and the maxi! Together forever on my countertop.


  1. Those smooth operators. I agree, I had a short love affair with the Magic Bullet as well. It does not compare to the Vitamix. The magic bullet is an electric bicyle and vitamix is a Hummer.

  2. I love my Vita Mix! I use it 2-3 times a day. I love how easy it is to clean. I have often wondered about the Magic Bullet and appreciated reading your review.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. FYI -- I have seen the magic bullet at costco for $59.00 here in Edmonton. But it's always a hit and miss with them as items appear and diasppear never to be seen again :) I even saw it in my travels at value village (love, love thrift shops) the other day -- kinda of sticker shock though -- they wanted $19.99 and that was just for the bullet base plus the one tiny container! I think the love affair with Vita Mix is universal -- our UPS driver said he delivers them almost daily and that's just in our area! Wishing I had stock in Vita Mix!

  4. I have had Vita-Mix for a few year and the tamper dont touch the blades if the lid is on. Unless You broke of the cross piece that keeps it from going too far thru the hole.

  5. I just got my Vita Bullet in the mail (the step up from the Magic Bullet) and I AM disappointed. I don't think it does much more than my blender. It DEFINITELY DOES NOT chop up nuts like the commercial showed it would. However, I like a little crunch in my smoothies. Feels like I'm cheating a little. Anyway...when will I learn that those smooth talkers are JUST that. Smooth talker.

    1. Oops. ... I meant Nutri Bullet, not Vita Bullet.

  6. Put the LID on before you use the TAMPER!!! Then it's impossible for it to be damaged.

  7. got my nutri bullet,in dicember its june now,have used it every day ,me and my wife love it.our daly brakfast,comes from my nutri bullet every day