Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colander Does Double Duty!

Last week I was contemplating buying a steamer -- I had it in my hand and turned it over several times and then put it back. My kitchen space is limited and I just hated the thought of adding something else that I would have to find a space for. I did leave it behind relunctantly as I thought it would be useful if indeed I was to aim for some lower calorie style cooking. Well lucky for me my daughter decided to steam some cauliflower and broccoli for lunch and when I came to the kitchen I was amazed to find out her method -- she had simply inserted my beautiful stainless steel colander into a pot and voila -- the colander was now also a steamer! Just goes to show two brains are indeed better than one and I'm now so happy I didn't buy the steamer! She also steamed enough rice to sink a ship which she did intentionally as we like to cook once and then freeze in measured portions for quick use anytime we need it. Frozen rice reheats beautifully.

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