Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Canned Tomatoes Ever + Surprise from Spain!

What's my secret -- well here in Edmonton it's called the Italian Centre. There are two locations -- one downtown in Little Italy 10878-95 Street and one on the southside at 5028 104A Street. I was so tired of those pale tomatoes in a can with not much flavor and since I can't get out to the farmer's markets as often as I like I needed a reasonable alternative. I finally stumbled upon a wonderful brand called La Molisana Plum Tomatoes available at the Italian Centre Shops. Double bonus points for being organic and very reasonably priced. There are approximately 4 big juicy red plum tomatoes in each can. Considering that this is an organic product the price at $1.69 for 397 ml (regular size can) is quite affordable.

They also have a great selection of organic lentils and beans. I find that the organic red lentils I buy there are the most tender I've ever purchased. My soups turn out creamy smooth and mild flavored which is what I consider to be admirable traits of a good red lentil. Brand name is Clic and they are sold in see-thru reusable container and provide an expiry date (very important in the land of lentils too as far as I'm concerned).

Whilst perusing the bread aisle I was lucky enough to find a little treasure aptly named "Torta De Aceite" in the midst of all the healthy wasa crackers and the like. In my books anything that starts with Torta should be in the cake or candy aisle! This is a tasty treat! Try holding yourself back from eating the whole package. Could take some will power. Just in case you're wondering I'm not here advocating a life of deprivation -- there are other food sites that will serve you well if that's what you want and all the power to you. I'm afraid Prairie Girl will probably never be able to say no to anything sugar-coated -- sad but true! But I do balance it with litres and litres of home made soups :) I'm following the Ying/Yang principle better known as the sweet/salty principle!! Lovers of chocolate covered pretzels understand this principle very well. Torta De Aceite is a super easy treat to bring along to any gathering without anybody knowing or caring that it's 100% vegan.The main ingredients are wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, sesame seeds, anise seeds, anise flavor, sugar and cinnamon. Because extra virgin olive oil is used instead of other oils, it is a healthy alternative to other pastries. There you go --practically health food :) What more do you need to know? On the Vegan Richter Scale these crispbreads are pretty well hitting the 9-10 range! I'd love for everyone to try them out and let me know if you agree.


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  1. Love the Italian Centre! Unfortunately, both stores are far from my car-free self but it's the best place in Edmonton to buy dried beans and pasta (and other things, like bread, too). Living practically next door to T & T somewhat makes up for it, but still...have you tried the Greek gigondes in tomato sauce that come in the great big cans? My mom makes a few additions, tops them with caramelized onions, and bakes them to great critical acclaim.


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