Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Premium Balsamic Vinegars - Edmonton

About OLiV Tasting Room

"The founders of OLiV, Awie and Isabeau du Toit, came across the concept of a shop dedicated to Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar sales while Isabeau was visiting in New Mexico. Having previously acquired property in a wine-producing area in the Western Cape province of South Africa, the du Toits now have a fully developed Olive farm in South Africa and rapidly expanding business interest in Canada.

The du Toits who owned residential property in Moose Jaw, decided to open a ‘trial’ store in the beautiful heritage building located on 14 High Street East in Moose Jaw.  Since that meager beginning, OLiV has expanded to several stores across North America and has recently opened up a store in the Shops at Boudreau in St.Albert, AB in November of 2014. Both the Crestwood Centre and the Shops at Boudreau locations are run by local owners, Ian and Susan Reid. 

At OLiV, we provide true Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) that are not chemically altered in any way. This ensures that health benefits inherent in a true Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to both its high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and its high content of anti-oxidants is passed along to the end consumer purchasing OLiV oils.

“We take great pride in our rich and expertly blended selection of OLiV Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars. OLiV’s oils are individually and seasonally selected from only the best available Extra Virgin Olive Oils available in the southern and northern hemispheres, depending on season, to ensure freshness. Our Balsamic Vinegars are ‘true’ Balsamics, sourced from Modena in Italy.”

The OLiV team will take you on a personal tasting experience through our store and will guide you as you experience 60+ flavours of Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars.  They will entice your taste buds, open your senses to what food should taste like, and change the way you interact with food forever! Come visit us in store for an incredible FREE tasting experience. (Free tasting is available daily)."


9656 142 Street - Crestwood Centre, Edmonton, AB - T5N 4B2 - (780)756-1600 
#115-140 Bellerose Dr. - The Shops at Boudreau, St.Albert, AB - T8N 8N8 - (780)569-1602

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