Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Breadland Organic Spelt Bread and G's Hummus

This post is strictly for those living in the Edmonton area!  Just wanted to give a shout out about my favorite lunchtime (or anytime) sandwich! It consists of Organic Spelt Bread and G's Hummus!  Both are locally made and tops in their category in my opinion! Give them a try and see if you agree! G's Hummus is loaded with garlic so be forewarned but I find this to be a super plus! I'm not concerned whether or not anyone can stand to be close to me! Seems to be keeping mosquitoes away from me as well so that's a good thing :) The Spelt bread is made by Breadland Organic Whole Grain Bakery and is as delicious as it is wholesome! They are located in Oliver Square at 11642 - 104 Avenue, Unit 642.  The G's Hummus is available at Planet Organic.

What is really amusing I was just googling G's hummus to see who carries it besides Planet Organic and I ran across foodie suz who did a review in 2008!  What amazed me was that the price of G's hummus was $5.49 then and it is still exactly at the same price point! And the taste is still as perfect today as it was then!! It's nice to have some things in life you can count on! Oh and as for foodie suz wondering who G was and if he was from Edmonton - it seems the mystery is solved! The label on the package now shows that the hummus was packed by Supreme Georgio's Fine Foods. I assume Georgio is likely the person behind the G! Georgio's is located at 7221 - 104th St and phone number is 780-439-8866 as far as I can see from googling it but this info could be outdated.