Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Storm on the Prairies and Prunes!

It's a crazy day on the prairies here in Alberta! Yesterday I was listening to the happy whirl from my neighbor's leaf blower as he cleaned up his yard! Right now I'm listening to the heavy sounds from his snow blower as he tries to plow through the slush and snow! Take a look at the above photo that I snapped 2 hours ago from my front door - UGH!  Especially cruel, in light of the fact, that the day before I was happily sitting on my front porch feeling loved by the beautiful rays of sunshine engulfing my poor pallid body!

The only thing I would really really love to do on a day like today is to go bake a batch of cookies but I must resist!  The cookie monster in me needs to be tamed but it's not easy.  I went to the kitchen in search of something - anything and lo and behold I came up with a jar of PC brand Organic prunes!  I had bought them to keep on hand for adding to muffins but I was feeling rather desperate!  I opened the jar and started spooning it into my mouth! Was I ever surprised - this was seriously like candy in a jar! It says for 6+ months so that definitely applies to me :O) I had to read the label because I thought perhaps they had added a lot of sugar - it's that deliciously sweet!!Much to my surprise there are only three ingredients - water, organic prunes and ascorbic acid.  Went to the PC website to check out the reviews and I see that I in good company amongst those who love this product. I thank mother nature and President's Choice for a divine and natural treat! I'll be picking up a whole lot more of these to keep on hand - for baking, babies and me :O)