Friday, January 27, 2012

Rice Rusks & Fontaine Sante Hummus

Crispy yet soft rice rusks are specifically geared towards toddlers but perfect for anybody looking for a nice light gluten free cracker that lends itself well to almost any topping!  I've been using them for a snack anytime I don't feel like racking up a bunch of calories and yet want a little something.  The size and shape makes them perfect for dipping.  Of course hummus is always my number one go-to-dip and if you're not feeling like making it yourself - Costco is carrying a Canadian made brand - Fontaine Sante that is creamy and not over garlicky! But maybe I'm getting immune to garlic so perhaps I might be a poor judge on this one.

It's a little thinner than my homemade hummus and those you typically buy - you can see difference in texture by checking out photos below -- that will give you an idea. Homemade hummus is pictured with the baby mum mum and fontaine sante is in container. However don't let that deter you -- it's really really good and it made a "hummus convert" out of my husband who formerly wouldn't touch it! Voted Number #1 dip by Canadian Consumers - my husband would agree.

President's Choice offers an organic brand of rice rusks and so does Baby Mum Mum - price difference is $1 with PC coming in lower at $2.99 for a box.  They taste identical so whichever is more convenient to pick up will do the trick. I also like them with raspberry jam and my 4 year old grandson loves to dip them in peanut butter. Like I said they go with everything and with gluten free becoming more and more necessary for so many people I'm all for keeping such items on hand to use as an alternative to wheat based products.


  1. I love that your blog is so close to home & a lot of the products you buy, I buy. I live in Calgary, which is pretty close! I also think its awesome you are talking about so many PC products! I work for Loblaw, & I also stand by their products!

    For people who buy hummus from the store, the Fontaine Sante brand is awesome! If you compare ingredients in this stuff & the other store bought stuff, it's clear to see this stuff is the best!! All real ingredients! You will know what everything means, not random additives. I buy the traditional & the roasted red pepper, very yummy!

  2. Where else in Alberta can you buy this brand? (Other then Costco)

  3. I cant find fontaine sante 7 pepper hummus. Does anyone know where I can find it, please?