Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweet Potato Pate

This is my favorite basic sunflower pate recipe with a few changes/additions.  Here they are:

#1 - Decided to use a sweet potato instead of a white potato for extra nutrition.
#2 - Added and sauteed 8 large white button mushrooms along with my onion/garlic and skipped the celery.
#3 - Used only brown organic rice flour to make it totally gluten-free.
#4 - I also decided that I like my pate very smooth therefore I am now blending the water with all the veggies (including the sauteed mushrooms/onions/garlic) before adding it to the dry ingredients.
#5 - Added a bit of cayenne for extra kick and sprinkled the top of raw batter with a generous dose of chili powder for color and flavor.

I recommend Willow Creek Organic Sunflower Seeds if you can find them! They used to be available at Sobey's but for some reason they are no longer carrying them in my neighborhood. I did find them at Valleyview IGA in Laurier Heights (Edmonton, Alberta) so if my readers have any other locations where they have been spotted pleased let me know! Or if they are available online! I love all the Willow Creek Products - they are extensive and wonderful - just really hard to find!!

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