Monday, September 26, 2011

T-Rex Dinosaur at the Bulk Barn

My soon-to-be 4 year old grandson woke up from his nap and the first think he said was:  I dreamed I  had a T-Rex Dinosaur Cake for my birthday - Is it my birthday yet? I'm not surprised he dreams of dinosaurs - he's consumed with them this summer. He does dinosaur roars at the local parks and what amuses me is that all the dads know exactly what he is :O)  So if he's dreaming of a dino cake is there any way we could not put one together?  I think not!  So I quickly started googling!  And of course Wilton has a T-Rex form cake pan suitable for the preschoolers.  Thank goodness.  An even bigger thank goodness is that the Bulk Barn outlet at south common will rent you the cake pan for a mere $1.99 per day (plus $20.00 refundable deposit).  I can't see that we'll want to make it more than once or maybe twice?  In any case $1.99 is a bargain and it won't be collecting dust on the back shelf somewhere for years and years.

I really like Bulk Barn - they have lots of gluten free products available plus natura soy milk for one of the best prices I've seen anywhere. And if you're into cupcakes (and you might have guessed that I am) they have all kinds of cupcake liners and special little packages to gift your cupcakes in. They also sell the 3-in-1 cake carrier for $3.00 less than Wal-mart.  Now that's a good deal! Check out the link above as their website is extensive and informative. There's also a printable coupon for $3 this week that you can use on a $10 or more purchase from now until October 6th.

Bulk Barn
2077 98 St NW
(780) 461-4454

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