Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vegan Vanilla Marshmallows!

Well "Dandies" vegan marshmallows have finally arrived at Planet Organic!  What a nice surprise that was -- especially since I was thinking of ordering them online so that I might have some on hand for the xmas holiday baking ahead.  I love that I can just go pick them up and so will you if this is something you've been missing.  They're a little stickier to get out of the bag than "gelatin-based" marshmallows but I'm willing to do a little separating for this speciality item.  After all it's not something that you can easily make yourself. I would advise keeping them in a cool place.  Perhaps they weren't kept under ideal conditions enroute from the manufacturer -- hence a few of them were sticking together.  I know that the online stores won't guarantee them if mailed out during hot weather. But never rmind all that as the sticking is really a minor issue and they were easy enough to separate.  The taste is perfect and they were absolutely delish on top of my hot cocoa!  The hot cocoa was made with 2 tablespoons of melted coca camino semi-sweet chocolate chips and soymilk.  A nice rich  flavor thanks to using chocolate chips vs cocoa powder and well worth the splurge.  The super cute little mug was a "thanksgiving gift" from my mom.  It's Laurel by Jan Hagara (1985)! 

I hope I never ever break it because it's so adorable and of course extra special because my mom bought it just for me! She bought it because the cat looked like our "sophie" (white fluffy birman) and for all you other cat lovers I'll give you a sneak peak at our little resident feline friend.  She's 5 years old now and is getting used to be chased around by a 3 year old toddler :O)  Birmans (also called Sacred Cat of Burma) are very mellow and their sapphire blue eyes are beautiful.  If you like a mild mannered cat that is also playful the birman is an excellent choice.


  1. Yes, Sophie looks especially calm considering Nico has his big mitts on her neck! haha

  2. yay!
    I have been looking for these in edmonton and didn't want to pay $12-$16 in shipping for them.