Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cookies by Duncan Hines

Life doesn't always have to be hard when you're trying to bake vegan, does it? I'm not saying these cookies are going to win the Pilsbury Bake-Off but hey they are fast, easy and they do come fresh out of your oven. That's still hard for any store cookie to beat, right? These were a real bargain too -- I picked up this cookie mix from Save-On food a few weeks ago for 99 cents! Even the chocolate chips nestled amongst the dry ingredients were quite tasty on their own. (I picked out a few to try out before baking)! Your baked cookies will be vegan as long as you don't follow the directions on the box. It only calls for one egg so that's an easy deal to replace with whatever you generally like to do. I did it with 3 tablespoons of applesauce -- made them a little moist but next day they were perfect.

Veggie Prairie Girl Rambles
Not like I should be searching for more cupcake recipes on the internet but I could not help myself tonight and I was totally captivated by the promise of "the lightest, airiest, fluffy vanilla cupcakes ever -- turn out perfect every time". Well I was hooked and set out quickly for my kitchen to cash in on this wonderful promise. It was not a recipe from someone's personal food blog -- just out there in internet land somewhere. Well I could barely peel them off my non-stick paper liners -- they were heavy, bland & tasted of canola oil. Regretfully I tumbled them all off the plate and into the garbage and that was that. I then proceeded to try to make one of my own cupcake recipes but I wanted to make them gluten-free. Well I shan't go into every gory detail but that made for another plate of cupcakes sent off to never never land!
I felt like a failure but thought I must succeed so I turned to my never-fail Joan's Grandmother's Cake (from Peta cookbook) and quickly whipped up batch number 3 for the oven. Thank the cupcake god's these turned out perfectly and as a testament to that I give you the photo above! This is without a doubt one of the best recipes ever, ever, ever and I will no longer try out random cupcake recipes from the internet! See my post of October 20th, 2009 (Chocolate Overdose Cupcakes) for the original recipe. If I was giving money back guarantees on recipes this is the one I wouldn't hesitate to do it on! Thank you Joan's Grandmother :)

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