Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Organicville Sriracha Sauce

What is Organicville Sriracha Sauce?

It is a bright red, multi-purpose hot sauce made from high quality cayenne peppers with red jalapenos and garlic. The sauce is hot and tangy with just a hint of sweetness which sets it apart from your typical  hot sauces. Organicville Sriracha Sauce is certified gluten and vegan which is very important to many of us these days. Check out the Organicville website for more information on their entire line of wholesome products and for some awesome recipes in which to use them.

I'm slowly trying to use more spices in my cooking especially when you hear about all the purported health benefits of using them. So many are considered to be powerful anti-inflammatory aids and of course Cayenne pepper is right up there for that. Check out this website for the 17 health benefits of Cayenne pepper if you are interested in reading more. I've always loved frontier chili powder and that's my usual spice that I put in everything from soup to tofu dishes!  Lately though I'm starting to add a dash of hot sauce and I'm finding it to be a good thing to add a little heat - especially when the temperature outside is dipping to -30C like it is this week! The photo below is a pic I took this morning and it's so cold that as soon as I opened the door to take a pic the window frosted up immediately -- brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


  1. It's dang cold all right! And hot pepper is a whole food group in my world ;-)

  2. where did you find the Organic Siracha?

  3. If you're travelling through Hawaii -- it's available at the Costco there! I didn't realize it would be an issue to get it here as Planet Organic carries quite a few of the Organicville products but I found out this morning they do not carry it! Perhaps we should all phone and request that they do! Until then - Happy Travels :O) Actually Mike of Earth's General Store is really good about bringing in things nobody else does so maybe he would consider it if you contact him?

  4. Ok I'll talk to Mike and fingers crossed that PO gets it soon too. I'm transitioning to Veg/organic but I love my Siracha Sauce:)



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