Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was at Planet Organic last night and happened upon a display stand of  eco-force products.  As I was in the market for a couple of fresh sponges I decided I'd buy them along with some other items that looked like they might be useful for more than one thing.  The clothes pegs for one -- I actually bought them because I've not been having much luck with the clips that are intended for reclosing chip bags and the like and thought these might be better.  I liked that there was no metal clip as that was the part that keeps breaking and seems there is no way to put them back together.  The marketing skills of the Eco-Force people are awesome --  loved how they came up with the description "hurricane grip force" for the clothes pins! Certainly cinched the deal for me.

Another use I thought of for the "hurricane grip force" clothes pins (don't all little boys need something as indestructive sounding as that for just about everything?) was a little game my 3 year old grandson and I could play together whilst sitting on a blanket under the shade of my beautiful Aspen tree. The bright colors are appealing and he loves to do funny little things and I thought he would enjoy clipping them around the basket whilst learning how to count. There's 24 so it will keep him happily counting for a little while yet! I also like to buy green products that are actually useful and not priced excessively high.  These were very well priced.  The basket and pegs went for $4.59.  2pk recycled sponges were $2.59 and the handled dishwash scrubber was $2.29.  There are refills available as well for the handled dishwash scrubber (actual name is "dish-matic")!

Did you know?
Aspen is probably North America's most abundant tree, due to its widespread occurrence. For everyting you ever wanted to know about the Aspen check out this information-packed page - you'll be surprised at all the uses the Aspen provided for the First Nations People and early settlers! For instance: The Cree made a tea from the inner bark that was helpful in treating rheumatism, diarrhea, liver and kidney problems, and coughs. Don't know how tasty it would be but they were certainly resourceful!

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