Monday, February 21, 2011

Baronia Pasta @ Italian Centre

I have talked about the Italian Centre before and it bears repeating -- it's a great place to shop for excellent products.  Above are a few items that were purchased on a recent shopping trip.  The Baronia  pasta was outstanding and I would highly recommend it.  They grind their flour fresh at their own mill and use only fresh spring water.  There is a serious taste difference between Baronia and your ordinary run of the mill pasta.  Start checking the ingredients on some of the pasta brands and you'll be surprised at what they've added and you'll realize why some don't stack up. The Italian Centre Shop also has a very good selection of gluten free pasta including my favorite brand Tinkyada. I made a delicious lasagna last week and it met with rave reviews.  Nobody knew it was made with gluten free lasagna noodles and they were surprised how tasty it was because they had previously had bad experiences with other GF brands. I will be posting that recipe sometime soon as it was an especially tasty combo of yams, tofu and spinach.

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