Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vegan Shampoo & Vegan Bakery (Toronto)

You can't eat this but it was pretty exciting to see a "vegan" shampoo on the  "regular" store shelves. Not only that they actually put the word vegan on the back of their product. If you click on this picture it should be big enough to see it clearly.  I love the pretty colors they used to package the shampoo as well.  Clearly I'm a product junkie and easily taken in but just for the record it did a fine job of shampooing and conditioning my hair. Who ever thought that vegan would become mainstream enough for a major cosmetics company to start using such terminology to market their product?  Obviously veganism has made it's mark and it's clear it's not a trend but a movement that's only going to continue to gain strength with every passing day, month and year!

I'm still remaking all my favorite "old" recipes on here and neglecting my creativity in trying new vegan recipes in favor of knitting but I'm gearing up towards some ideas for fresh spring recipes. It's hard to believe that Easter is less than two weeks away.

If you live in the Toronto area you are too lucky for words -- today my facebook friend Sherry Vanstone posted a comment about a new Vegan Danish Bakery.  I've given you the link so you too can drool and wish you had such a bakery near you! A girl can dream! Ask me how jealous I am of Sherry -- so much so I'm almost looking a little green :)