Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Non-Drip Fruitsicles

This doesn't seem like a great post when it's so frosty outdoors! But inside there are a few sniffles, sore throats and low grade fever going on so we needed something to soothe those over. I looked through the cupboard and once again canned fruit to the rescue. So for anyone else suffering the "flu-blues" this might be a comforting treat to enjoy. Nutritionally i'm quite sure it beats most of the prepackaged frozen pops on the supermarket shelf.

For these I used a regular size can of fruit salad and a 1/2 banana. I threw out almost all the red cherries because I didn't want to use them. I figure they probably have a lot of red dye added to them to make them look that bright so hence my reason to discard them. One may have escaped my wrath :) Drain all the juice except for about 1 tablespoon. Put the fruit, the 1/2 banana and 1 tablespoon of juice in the blender and whirl until smooth. Spoon (it's fairly thick) into your molds and freeze. I'm looking forward to making some 100% peachicles as I am a big fan of peach flavored stuff! The big unexpected bonus to these was how very drip free they were. My grandson nico held it in his hot little hand for 1/2 an hour and still no mess! He's only two so he's a novice at this and I daresay it's probably the first frozen treat we've given him. He seemed to really enjoy it so between that and the fact that it didn't drip all over him is a good enough reason for me to keep these stocked.

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  1. Cute! And did it keep the little Nico Monster quiet?